Tips to Attract Women - Four Ways to Sharpen Your Game

Published: 10th January 2012
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You don't actually need an Armani suit or a Ferrari parked outside to seduce women. Understand these 4 tips to learn how to make women see you in romantic way.

As you go with your everyday life there comes a time when a special girl catches your eye.

You know you want to approach her and talk to her but what happens? You just stay in your spot and watch her walk away. Donít worry; it happens to most men, but not to all. The difference between you and real men is that they know these tips to attract women, continue reading and you might just have the chance to talk to that special girl.

Increase your Confidence

Women love confidence. In attracting women; you should know this for a fact. Some men get anxious and horrified around women but you must realize that without confidence, these tips on how to make yourself more attractive to women will be useless; being a real man is the only way to get attractive women

Donít worry for hope is still attainable. First and foremost, donít put yourself down. Realize that all men are created equally and you are a real man.

Whatever others can do, you can do to. Itís just a matter of being brave enough to do things others canít do.

Always think positive, nothing good comes out of pessimism. Think and act like you are a confident man. After that your body will follow what your brain is thinking. Soon enough you wonít even need to think or act because youíre actually doing it, you just need to think it first and your body will follow.


Being clean is very important so take bath after working or playing, put some deodorant before you go out and meet some women. Donít overdo it with the perfume; women get turned off by strong odors even if it came from an expensive bottle. Before going out, avoid eating hot foods like chilies and onions, women can smell what you ate for dinner so brush your teeth, floss, and gargle. These will be important so youíll have the peace of mind to get closer to women without smelling like a homeless man.

If your hair is long, I suggest that you get a haircut especially if you are looking untidy. Maintaining a long mane can only be pulled of by a handful of men, and while youíre in the barbershop, ask for a good old clean shave.

Wearing nice clothes never hurt anyone. You should inspect how you dress yourself so youíll look nice. Wearing the right type of clothes tells a woman that you know what youíre doing. Being properly clothed sends the message that you are organized and canít be messed with. If your clothes are too tight or too fit, see a tailor or get some new clothes, get advice from your family and friends on what looks good on you. Go shopping in clothing shops and ask what clothes suit you; theyíll be willing to be of service.

Go Outside

If you really want to meet genuine women then stop stalking your crushís Facebook profile and go out there where the women are. Eat out; go to bars, workout in a gym, wherever you want as long as there are plenty of single available women. Dating works best with proximity, playing with your X-box all day long wonít do you any good.

If you actually decide on going out and youíve already met a wonderful girl, the next thing to do isÖ.

Speak to Her!

I frequently ask my friends why they have problems talking to women. Then they go on and on about the woman being too beautiful for them, or how they canít afford to see a girl, all of these are just excuses to avoid rejection. What most men share is not having the courage to speak to a woman, obtain her number, and ask her out for dinner.

Women like assertive men, so if you are feeling a little nervous or scared, man up! Only two things will happen if you are assertive enough to ask a girl out, one is the possibility of rejection. Rejection is a part of life and youíll face it as long as you live, luckily, getting rejected by a girl is one of the simplest rejections of all. Move on if a girl is not interested, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Or it can be the other way around, the girl may be interested as well and you end up having a conversation with her. From that point on you just introduce yourself, ask her name, and talk to her about general things until you establish a flowing conversation.


So you already ďattractedĒ a girl, itís not too hard is it? In the first place, all you had to is man up and speak to her. Women are attracted to real men, and real men have confidence. In everything you do all you need to do is believe in yourself, and then these tips to attract women will be natural to you in your future endeavors, go get them tiger!

Now that you know the fundamentals, read more recognizing the signs that you can get more on how to get a woman in bed. Obviously, continually convey alpha male personality in your each action; that will offer you advantages some other guys don't have.

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